Introduction career to male haircut

Learn how to create haircuts and styles adapted to each person and their needs.

Level: Low Modules: 10 Exams: 22
Introduction career to male haircut

Do you want to extend your services and bet on the masculine cut? Do you want to differentiate the masculine hairdresser's shop from the feminine one? Enter the world of the male cut and get any cut.

In this masterclass, Juanjo Ruzafa, barber and professional hairdresser, will help you get started in the world of the male cut. In addition, you will learn cutting and styles techniques, learn your work allies (tools, products, protocols, etc.) and everything you need to know to create specialized male services and cuts tailored to the needs and tastes of your customers.


Thanks to this masterclass you will be able to consolidate your knowledge and achieve unique results:

  • You will discover the origins of the specific services of the barbershop
  • You will learn to interpret the aesthetic needs of your male clients
  • Know the right tools for male services
  • You will learn the trends and types of male cuts
  • Find out how to apply cutting techniques to your hair
  • Understand male work protocols and counseling


Technique will not be a problem. During this training you will put it into practice:

  • Cutting variants in different styles and lengths
  • Volumes adapted to trends
  • Combination of partitions, angles and sections
  • Differences in volume and shape in male cut types
  • Cranial and facial morphology analysis
  • Protocol techniques
  • Correct use of tools

Ideal professionals for this masterclass 

This masterclass is ideal for you if you are a professional stylist or hairdresser who:

  1. Want to start or strengthen knowledge in the male cut
  2. Want to understand how to create cutting-edge cuts
  3. Looking for a practical didactic method to create the perfect style for male customers

Training team

Each technical course is offered by award-winning stylists who are experts in the specific topic of the training.


The specializations are made up of different training modules that cover the different topics in depth with the aim of raising the training to another level.

Step by step

The development of a deep and detailed agenda will allow you to follow the training and settle your knowledge without problems.


So you can train anytime, anywhere. All our courses can be taken from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


The students will have to pass the different exams and level tests which are establish and consolidate the acquired knowledge.


All students who have successfully completed each of the training modules of the specialisation will receive an accrediting diploma.

Training in numbers

  • 10 Modules
  • 22 Video
  • 22 Level test


History of Barbering
Level test
Elements and shapes of the face
Level test
Kinds of cut
Level test
Men's fashion trends
Level test
Work protocol
Level test
Level test
Working tools: cutting machines
Level test
Work tools: scissors
Level test
Work tools: knives and brushes
Level test
Work tools: combs
Level test
Male coloration
Level test
Man's Hair Loss
Level test
Comb and scissors technique
Level test
Comb-mounted machine technology
Level test
Knife technique
Level test
Texture techniques
Level test
Male Hairstyle
Level test
Beard, moustache and shaving ritual
Level test
Skin Care
Level test
Cutting with angulation technique
Level test
Technique Razor Fade Pompadour
Level test
Natural Fade Technique
Level test

Your accreditation certificate

Imagen diploma

Do not forget to successfully pass all the level tests and exams to get your diploma that proves that you have done the masterclass of Initiation to the techniques of collecting.

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Taught by

Juanjo Ruzafa

Juanjo Ruzafa

Desde el año 1915, tras tres generaciones dedicadas al mundo de la barbería, llega la cuarta generación con Juanjo Ruzafa, bisnieto, nieto e hijo de barbero:

"Empiezo a trabajar en los años 80, con apenas 14 años, ayudando a mi padre en la barbería los sábados, mientras veía cómo mis amigos se marchaban a jugar al futbol. Fue entonces cuando empecé a odiar la barbería, aunque no tarde mucho tiempo en darme cuenta…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course only made up of tutorial videos?

No, the course consists in step by step video trainings, downloading guides and tests.

Do I have access from any electronic device?

Yes, all of the content of ModumB is accessible from any device that has Internet connection.

If I buy the course have I access for life?

Yes, once you have access to the course, even when you have finished, you will have access for life to consult the content whenever you want

Do I get a diploma at the end of the course?

Yes, if you successfully pass all the tests at the end of the training course, you can download your diploma.

How can I purchase the course?

All you have to do is click on "Register me now" and make your purchase through your credit/debit card or through PayPal.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, in one payment you will have lifetime access to the entire course.

Do I have to pay license plate?

No, at ModumB you don't have to pay license plate. All you have to do is pay the course fee and you will have immediate access to all the content, as well as any updates that our technical team may subsequently include.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?

No, the important thing is that you learn and enjoy doing it. That's why there are no timetables or delivery dates. You set your own times.

Do the trainers have experience in the world of hairdressing?

No, at ModumB you don't have to pay license plate. All you have to do is pay the course fee and you will have immediate access to all the content, as well as any updates that our technical team may subsequently include.

Can I download the course videos?

No, because of a rights issue, you can't do it. But remember that you have access for life, so you can access them whenever you want and view them from any device connected to the Internet.


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